The WRJ Southeast District:

​ The bridge from WRJ
to local Sisterhoods

The WRJ Southeast District exists to assist the work of local Sisterhood leaders.  We serve as a bridge from local Sisterhoods to Women of Reform Judaism and unite Reform women throughout the Southeast.  The WRJ Southeast District provides support and assistance through meetings, mailings, and personal contact.

The WRJ Southeast District holds interim meetings and a convention is held every three years. During these meetings, we provide numerous workshops that promote leadership and membership development, fund raising, programming, marketing and communications, WRJ Projects, and spirituality.  But it's not all work!  You will come away from these meetings emotionally rejuvenated and filled with enthusiasm and respect for the Sisterhood leadership.

We publish a SE Directory of Officers, Area Directors, and Sisterhood presidents throughout the district, and contact information for Department and Committee Chairs.  The SE Directory is sent to each Sisterhood President.

As a member of the WRJ Southeast District, you can request a District speaker for your Sisterhood every other year.  In alternate years, you can request a speaker from WRJ North America.  The District speaker is usually a member of the District Board of Directors.  Requests should be mailed to the Communication Coordinator.

As your liaison to WRJ North America, we provide support and information for WRJ projects and initiatives.

Contact Us

Madelyn Davidson

WRJ Southeast District


Congregation Beth Am

Tampa, FL


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